Golden Workshop -                                      


Where:  Central Arts / Trinity Arts Guild

               2816 Central Drive, Bedford TX  Suite 170

Date:  Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time:  9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:  $70.00 for Members

            $90.00 for Non-members


Supply List

figurative abstract flyer.jpg

Morning -  Day One we will work in collage so we can move things around and explore how the human or animal form interacts within the space.  You will need scissors,  glue (elmers or gel medium are fine)  A few pieces of paper in various colors or patterns.  We will work with my paper and share as well so no more than 10 to 15 sheets of paper.  Bring paper you like,    3 shapes of background it can be ordinary cardboard, canvas or heavy paper like watercolor paper.  You will need a square at least 10x10,  A standard size rectangle such as 11x14 or 16x20 and a tall narrow rectangle such as 12 x 24.  If you are using ordinary cardboard please put 2 coats of white, grey or black gesso on it.

Remaining sessions:

Black and white Gesso or watercolor medium if you are working on Canvas

Paint, brushes, mark makers mediums of your choice.  You are free to work in Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, pastel or mixed media

Bring magazine photos, personal photos or just sketches of people or animals in motion, sitting or standing.   You can further prepare by drawing outlines of your favorite poses in various sizes from 10 inches tall to 24 inches tall.  don't add more that 5 details to your outline drawings.