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Sue Ireland- Untitled
Sue Ireland- Untitled

Chris Fennell - Rising Tide
Chris Fennell - Rising Tide

Chris Fennell - Rising Tide
Chris Fennell - Rising Tide

Sue Ireland- Untitled
Sue Ireland- Untitled


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March 2021  Members Show  (2 months)

May 2021 Members Show

October 2021  Open Show

January 2022  Youth Show



Best of Show

Doris Mobley - Look Across the River

I love pieces that the viewer gets lost in. Doris Mobley’s “A Look Across the River” is other-worldly, both visually and technically. 


Not only do I find myself wanting to jump into this other realm Mobley has created, but I also want to touch and deconstruct the way she put the piece together. 

Kristie Shelton - No Place to Hide.jpg

First Place

Kristie Shelton - No Place to Hide

Kristie Shelton’s “No Place to Hide” is a technically masterful force of a painting. The contrast between dark versus light is and portrayal of light is mesmerizing. What I like the most, however, is that it’s a still life with so much sense of motion. It’s just beautiful all over. 

Patty Jasper - With all my Strenghth.jpg

Second Place

Patty Jasper - With All My Strength

Nancy Hester - We made it.jpg

Third Place

Nancy Hester - We Made It

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Traveling Exhibits

Traveling Exhibits

Trinity Arts Guild members loan art for viewing at public venues across the mid-cities area.   To learn more about venues and proceedures for participation click the button below.  This is a great way to start expanding your exposure without a large investment.

Currently Exhibiting at the Hurst Library:

Lee Larkin

Sandy Sasser

Wavah Fore

Tish Sanders

Bennie Wood

Pam Oldham