Digital Image (photo) Requirements:
  •  JPEG photo files only. The files may be submitted by email attachment or on a flash (thumb) drive by mail or hand delivery. 

  • The image should show only the artwork not the frame or mat. 

  • 3-d works should be photographed against  a grey, black or white background.

Use the following format to name your image files:
Painting A -  artist’s last name_first name_A_title.jpg

Painting B - artist’s last name_first name _B_title_.jpg
Painting C  -  artist’s last name_first name_C_title.jpg

Send photo attachments to:

Email entries must be submitted 

******  The requirement to submit photos at 300 dpi and 7 inches on the long side has been eliminated but your work will be best served when the juror is looking at the images if they are at least 7 inches long and high resolution  images.