Beginning Watercolor Supply List


Paper – any of the following brands get full 22x30 sheets and we will tear each sheet to make 2 or 4 paintings from each sheet.  I would recommend purchasing 2-5 sheets at least.  Good Paper makes a huge difference in how your paint looks on the paper. 

Arches, Fabriano or Saunders Waterford get cold press or rough.


Either of these Sets and a 1” flat wash brush

Silver Brush Black Velvet Watercolor brush set of three.

Or Richeson Grey Matter Brush set of synthetic watercolor brushes Set of 6

Princeton Snap 1” wash or Princeton velvetouch series 3950 Flat 1” Wash

When you can add a couple good rounds or pointed rounds size 10 or larger in natural fibers like Sable and a good mop in natural fibers.


Preferred colors and brands

***** If you can only afford the good paper and decent brushes at first get a kids set of PRANG Semi-moist watercolors. These are transparent and mix well.  It is better to use these than the student grade paints like Winsor Newton – Cotman which has lots of filler and the colors won’t mix true and can look chalky. 

Essential Artist Grade Colors:

Ultramarine Blue or Deep Ultramarine blue – Daniel Smith, Winsor Newton, Holbein Watercolors or Qor watercolors

Cobalt Blue – Daniel Smith or Winsor Newton

Winsor Newton Transparent Yellow or Daniel Smith Nickel Azo Yellow (same color different names)

Quinacridone Gold, Winsor Newton or Daniel Smith (avoid deep Quinacridone Gold)

Permanent Rose - Daniel Smith

Winsor Violet or Carbazole Violet by Daniel Smith

Permanent Orange by Daniel Smith

Veridian Green by M. Graham


What colors you get from here is depends on what you want to paint for example:

 Landscapes I would add Cerulean Blue, Sepia from Daniel Smith and Burnt Sienna from either Daniel Smith or Winsor Newton

Florals I would add Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Scarlet Lake, Transparent Pyrrole Orange, Cerulean Blue, at least one Pthalo Blue and one Pthalo Green, Cobalt Turquois Teal and Quinacridone Violet, Cadmium Red Hue, Ultramarine Violet  and Hansa Yellow light

Portraits I would had Scarlet Lake, Quinacridone Violet, Cobalt Turquoise Teal, Pyrrole Orange and Cerulean Blue, Burnt Sienna.

Palette: Stephen Quiller Color Wheel Palette or porcelain covered steel butcher Trays

Water Dish any large plastic or glass container that holds a quart or more water.

Nice to have also: 2H pencils, moo eraser, plain masking tape not the blue green or yellow stuff and Pebeo drawing gum.


Where to buy:  Some Michaels stores will have everything but there will be a huge mark up, Hobby lobby carries some but mostly student grade paint that is not good.   Local Art Supply Stores

Online is probably the cheapest. 

 Amazon has almost all Daniel Smith colors and some Watercolor papers. - will have it all and will have good shipping specials for your big order  - will have it all and usually have good shipping specials for your big order.

The rule I go by for ordering is if I want more than 3 to 5 items get it from an art supply like dick blick or cheap joes.  Otherwise check the local art supply or amazon.