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Meetings of TAG are usually the 1st Monday evening of each month except June-August.  This year, due to Sept. Labor Day, the meeting was moved to August 28th.
 Click HERE to see TAG Calendar of Events.
  • Meetings begin at 6:30pm and the Demos follow some short membership meeting announcements. 
  • Before each meeting, nibbles are served at around 6:00 p.m.
  • Bring your paintings to participate in "TAG Members' Painting of the Month" contest.  

TAG Demo Artists

Paula White - January 8, 2024   6:30pm-8:00pm

Paula White is an internationally recognized artist in porcelain painting.  Her work resides in 2 Museums and private collections in homes around the world.

Paula began teaching more than 50 years ago and has many accolades and awards.  She has been an international and national guest artist for many organizations. 

She is a former President of PPAA which was a professional teachers organization of porcelain art.  She has taught many teachers groups throughout the USA.

Her main focus concerns color and how it can be used to make paintings glow.  Her grapes are her most famous subject that is unmatched in porcelain art.

The demo will explore the great attributes of Alkyd paints and how to use and apply them as they dry fairly fast in the way that Paula paints with them.  She will talk about design and textures as well.


Kay Byfield - March 4, 2024   6:30pm-8:00pm



Shirley Nichols - April 1, 2024   6:30pm-8:00pm


Color Concepts

 Artist statement:

I have loved art since my mom and I painted together. It was not until 1995 that I finally decided to learn to paint. My first art class introduced me to all mediums but I fell in love with watercolor.

I now paint in watercolors, gouache and water-based oils.

I am self- taught through books, video’s and workshops. I exhibit locally with Society of Watercolors Artists, The Fort Worth 15, and an Arlington Group of friends.

My goal, in teaching, is to demonstrate art concepts which will guide the artist in bringing their artwork to life.

Demo Outline:
Creating depth in any medium
      Use of Color:
             Discussion and demonstration of the color wheel
       Use of Value:
              Discussion and demonstration of value change and cast                            shadows
        Use of texture:
               Discussion and demonstration through medium's and

Robyn Jorde- May 6, 2024   6:30pm-8:00pm

Painting on a Gessoed Surface


Robyn's info coming soon

robyn jorde.jpg
robyn jorde catholic display.jpg
robyn jorde2.jpg
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