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   Name                            Title

  1. Annetta, Wooster                    “Cool His Heels”

  2. Barbosa, Karyl                         Jumping the Train

  3. Barbosa, Karyl                         Path Through the Chamisa

  4. Chon, Sang                              Autumn Aspen Trees 1

  5. Ciarletta, Jon                           “Alone In The Dark”

  6. Corwin, Valerie                       Walk_ In_ The_ Forest

  7. Corwin, Valerie                       Windy_Day_Boca_Chica

  8. Cox, Mason                             Sunset_in_the_Desert

  9. Ennis, Naoma                          Fishing

  10. Fennell, Chris                           Secret Garden

  11. Golightly, Colby                       Silver

  12. Irwin, Cheri                             Home On the Range

  13. Jasper, Patty                            After the Storm

  14. Karyl Barbosa                          “Jumpin”

  15. Martin, Melody                       Cooper

  16. Martin, Melody                       Mr. Gus

  17. Pang, IokKit                             Medici Fountain of Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

  18. Welch, Carol                           “Rick and Aurora”

  19. Welch, Carol_Ann                   Rick and Aurora

  20. Welch, Carol_Ann                   Morning Flight

  21. Wende,  Jule                           Anna sewing

  22. Wende, Jule                            Birthday cupcake

  23. Whittington, Phil                     Montana Windmill

  24. Whittington, Phil                     Wyoming Bison

  25. Wooster, Annetta                    Thirsty Herd

  26. Wooster, Annetta                    Cool His Heels

Acrylic/Mixed Media

   Name                                 Title

  1. Akins, Linda                             Border Blossom”

  2. Bostick, Darla                            Doodle Doo

  3. Colby, Golightly                        “Ashes”

  4. Cox, Mason                             Betty Who

  5. Cranston, Valeri                      Rorschach’s Dream

  6. Dasgupta, Anindita                 Scarlet

  7. Flint, Cindy                              Fall in Trinidad

  8. Flint, Cindy                              Friends Forever

  9. Frederick, Curtis                     Eyes without a Face

  10. Fultz, Sandra                            Ablaze

  11. Giles, Sharon                           Crazy Quilt

  12. Giles, Sharon                           Moon Currents

  13. Golightly, Colby                       Ashes

  14. Hamm, Kimmie                       Cape Royal

  15. Hamm, Kimmie                       Trepidation

  16. Hennessy, Terri                       Scooter Sees Me

  17. Ingram, Tiffany                        Wailua Falls

  18. Mershon-Smith Beverly          Sunset

  19. Mobley, Doris                         “Dancing the Vesada”

  20. Page, Kaitee                             Looking Up

  21. Palmieri, Pat                           Sunbathers

  22. Pettigrew-Wilde                      Jan The Big Ugly

  23. Ragsdale, Martha                   Space Journey

  24. Sharon, Giles                            "Crazy Quilt”

  25. Smith, Pam                              Night Market

  26. Whittington, Margie               Purple Nest

Three Dimensional

  Name                                        Title

  1. Frederick, Curtis                                 “Strength

  2. Frederick, Curtis                                 “Why Me”

  3. John Lanier                                           “A Vessel In Color”

  4. Tiffany Ingram                                    “Garden of 3100 B.C.”


  Name                             Title                                          

  1. Akins, Linda                             Hurricane Survivor

  2. Allaire, Betsy                           Russian rooftops

  3. Bell,_Mary_ McCampbell      Kerkirk Corfu Greece

  4. Bell,_Mary_McCampbell       Springand Color is Back!

  5. Benjamin, Denis                      Old Warrior

  6. Benjamin, Denis                      Anniversary Rose

  7. Benjamin, Denis                      Prickly pear cactus - Big Bend National Park

  8. Bostick, Darla                          Night Blooms, Nairobi, Kenya

  9. Brenda Driggers                     “Look Into My Eyes”

  10. Cooksey, Gail                          Look at Me

  11. Cooksey, Gail                          San Miguel Afternoon

  12. Court Bailey                            “Stockyard Cowboy”

  13. Doris Mobley                          “Still Life With Grape”

  14. Driggers, Brenda                    I See You

  15. Goldstein, Tere                       I Promise You

  16. Heaton, Hugh                          L'Air

  17. Hennessy, Terri                       Armadillo Guy

  18. Hennessy, Terri                       Hometown Scenic Overlook

  19. Hogan, Helen                          Justify in Glory

  20. Jasper, Patty                            Old Smokie Negative

  21. Lively, Norma                          Little Gem

  22. Nishikawa, Kenji                      Gion

  23. Nishikawa, Kenji                      Reflection

  24. Norma Lively                           “Welcome Home”

  25. Oldham, Pam                          Indigo and White

  26. Oldham, Pamela                     Salmon Run

  27. Pang, Iokhou                           Vagrant

  28. Russell, Heidi                         “And The Tourist Are Still Asleep”

  29. Russell, Heidi                          And the Tourists are Still Asleep

  30. Russell, Heidi                          Morning Rush

  31. Whittington, Margie               Lawn Chairs

  32. Younkin, Adele                        Croatia Roadside Poppies

  33. Younkin, Adele                        Strutting


  Name                             Title

1.  ​Ciarletta, Jon                           Study of a woman

2.  Contreras, Ruben                       Jason

3.  Contreras, Ruben                    “Jason”

4.  Contreras, Ruben                    Reynold's

5.  Ennis, Naoma                             The Old Bridge

6.  Goldstein, Tere                       Secrets and Sauce

7.  Golightly, Colby                       Melodrama

8.  Hogan, Helen                          Cornbread In the Flowers

9.  Hugh, Heaton                           “A Girl”

10.  Jasper, Patty                            Farmers Market 1

11.  Kress, Roswitha                       Still Farming

12.  Maines, Marie                           Life in Canyon de Chelle

13.  Maines, Marie                       “Business Lunch at Auberge Ravdoux”

14.  Myra Hart                               “The Daily Commute”

15.  Palmieri, Pat                           In Costume

16.  Smith, Pam                              Shadow Dancer

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