TAG Youth Show 2019 

Youth Show Winners 2019

(Not in order of awards)

Kindergarten and First Grade

Graham Holtman    The Boy Who Loved Umbrellas

Aubry Myles                                                        Bunny

Nicole Mishonova                                             Sakura

Logan Moughan                         Hoot You Lookin' At

Asher Payne                                                 House Art

Katya Proffitt                                        Mother's Love

Keira Brea Richardson              Hiding in Plain Sight

Second and Third Grade

Masha Berlifova                 Singing in the Moonlight

Elle England                                            Pizza Heaven Elizabeth Osadchiy                           Turtle in the Sea

Madison Torres                                         Wildflowers

Milla Tromanhouser          Wandering in the Sunset

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Dimitry Bondourcluck                              Winterland 

Emma Hadzhiera                             Phoenix Dreams

Julia Motkin                                            Lady Peacock

Angela Rao                                                  Jump Time

Ivory Rose Vanover                                   Llama Love

Clement Wang                                                    Bambi

Sixth and Seventh Grade

Morgan Goodmen                                 Sunset Safari

Melvin Jiang                                            Early Autumn

Rebecca Thomas                              A Morning Swim

Serena Wang                                                         Duet

Eighth and Ninth Grade

Bre Anna Bloom                                        Self Portrait Adriana Fackender                       Braids and Glasses

Hillary Hoang                                                   Still  Life

Julie Jarmulak                                      Texas Blue Gills Nina Lily                                                Missing Home

Nina Liu                                      Travel Under the Sea

Tyler Reed                  A Monster That Got In A Fight

Joshua Thomas                                  Lost in Thought

2019 Seniors

Malik Gyasi                                                    Fist Bump

Madeline Thattana Kham            Between the Lines

Beverly Ontiveros                              Manuela Hassel

Alexandra Serrato                                      My Brother

Tenth and Eleventh Grade

Madeleine Alexander                             In it to win it

Rebekah Allen                                             Duck Pond

Kenna Bontke                                                Thoughts

Cameron Hallford                                              Colors

Katherine Mills                                                Lifetime

Mimi Nguyen                                                        Jules

Warren Rudman                        The Space Between

Gabriela Turriza                                               All Star

Jacob Wiant               When Death Opens the Door

Awards December 7, 2019

3:00 pm  to 4:30 pm

Images from previous Youth Shows

2019 Youth Art Show

November 8, 2019 to

December 7, 2019

Instructions for using School registration form:

  1. Print  the XL page with students entered numerically by grade (kindergarten up to seniors) so that the correct entry number is easily assigned to the work.

  2. Submit all the forms completed by the student and their parents paperclipped to the XL sheet. 

  3. Make sure all work has the appropriate tag attached to the back.

  4. Encourage students to title their work.  If  you are submitting multiple untitled works  mark them untitled (a,b,c or 1, 2, 3.)  This will avoid award confusion later.

  5. If all works are tagged and you have the forms attached to a completed XL sheet you may drop off the work and do not have to wait on us to enter each piece. This will save you  time if you will be dropping art during  school hours. 

Deliver entries:

Friday, November 8, 2019 from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm or November 9, 2019 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


  • Kindergarten and First Grade

  • Second and Third Grade

  • Fourth and Fifth Grade

  • Sixth and Seventh Grade

  • Eighth and Ninth Grade

  • Tenth and Eleventh Grade

  • Twelfth Grade



  • November 30 - Winners posted on website

  • December 7-Awards


  • First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention awards in each category 

  • Gift Cards to Dick Blick or Cheap Joes for the art supplies of their choice.


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