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Traveling Exhibits

Traveling Exhibits bring art to the community by displaying art in public venues.  The program began in 1990 after a show at the North Hills Mall when the group was invited by the North Richland Hills Library to show their work.  The program provides exposure for TAG members and provides the community a place to enjoy and experience original artwork.  If you are interested in participating in this outreach project contact TAG at .

General Guidelines for Participation In Traveling Exhibits

  1.  Dues must be current.

  2. See Constitution and By-Laws of TAG.                                                                                                                                                                                        “Article III. Purpose: The definition of “Fine Arts” shall include original (artist’ concept from beginning to end) works on paper, works on canvas, and three-dimensional works; but shall not include works from kits, photography, or giclee reproductions.”

  3. If you decide to withdraw from Traveling Exhibits Program, you should notify us promptly via email as listed above..

  4. TAG would appreciate a 20% donation from any sales made from the Traveling Exhibits.

  5. TAPE should be used to put up title cards (no push pins or tacks).

  6. Group exhibits require you submit the titles of your work and your contact information to TAG email at 2 weeks prior to the exhibit going up.  If you do not submit the information in advance, you will not have title cards for your work.

  7. No painting should be smaller than 11" x 14".  

Bedford Public Library

2404 Forest Ridge Dr., Bedford, TX 76021

Pick up your artwork for the current show and drop off your new work on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.  Meet at 11:00 am at the Bedford Library. 


If you cannot make that date and time please let Pam Oldham know if you want your work to hang for an additional 2 months or want to pick it up from the Library staff.


Email Pam Oldham at with the information below by November 29th at 5:00 pm.

  1.  Title of Work

  2.  Medium

  3.  Artist's Name

  4.  Contact Information 

  5.  Price

Hurst Public Library

911 Precinct Line Road                                                                                      Hurst, TX, 76053

The next exhibit will be June 2019.

Dates for delivery/pickup, etc. will be announced nearer to the start date.



1.  Three pieces of work per artist. There are a few places for 3D art.

     Each person gets one of the front cases and space in the back to

     show their 3 pieces of art. 

2.  Information submitted for Title cards should include:

     a.  Title of Work

     b.  Artists Name

     c.  Medium

     d.  Contact information (Phone, email and website if applicable)

3.  Title card information should be submitted to Bennie at by May 15, 2019.

4.  Open to Trinity Art Guild members.

Haltom City Public Library

4809 Haltom Road

Haltom City, Tx, 76117

Individual artists sign up to display about 10 works each month.


Monthly Exhibit Guidelines:

1.  Up to 10 paintings

2.  Change out the first of each month.  Call the artist before 

      and after you to set up good times to drop off and pick up 

      your work.

3.  Make your own title cards.  Title cards should include:

     a.  At top of the card "Presented compliments of Trinity

          Arts Guild"

     b.  Title of work

     c.  Artist Name

     d.  Contact information.

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