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Meet our Teachers

Barbara McFarland

I am a working artist who works and teaches in, watercolor, oils, acrylics, pastels, and mixed media.  I teach watercolor and drawing classes in the Continuing Education program at UTA in Arlington.  I teach an oil, or acrylic on canvas class  at Trinity Art Guild's Gallery in Bedford.  I also teach an all media class at Eclectic Expression in Arlington.

I am very proud of my B.F.A., Magnum Cum Laude  in painting and drawing with an English minor from the U.N.T. in Denton.  I pursued this dream of mine later in life, after I had traveled and lived in Europe for many years.   Being a little older and having traveled  and lived extensively overseas,  I came to the University with a  different perspective on life.  I continue my studies by taking workshops from other artists and have spent two summers painting  on location at the La Romita School of Art in Italy.

I  belong to many art organizations----locally and nationally and am a signature member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society in Dallas,  Society of Watercolor Artists in Fort Worth and Texas Neighbors in Irving.  I have served as President for the Southwestern Watercolor Society of Dallas for the 2004-05 year.  My work has received numerous awards in local, regional, and national shows over the years and continues to do so.

My subject matter comes from personal photos from my travels and objects I collect.   The travel I have done and continue to do introduces me to history, cultures, and philosophies that have a major impact on my work.  Turkey, for example, opened my eyes and thoughts to the eastern philosophy.  From this I began to see the connection between their views and the philosophy of the American Indians in our Southwest.  New thoughts lead to new connections and interests.  My work involves the interconnecting strings that hold time and place together.  I like to experiment and find new ways to use materials, design principals, and color to help get my idea or concept across in my paintings.  Ultimately I strive for a balanced, yet exciting painting that can be enjoyed on many levels. 

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Doris Mobley


Doris is a native Texan.  She has studied with several well known artist but is mostly self taught.  Her mother, Maxine Merlick, was an artist and her love for painting was passed on to Doris.  She says she was born to paint.

Her experimental approach to art keeps her work new and fresh.  It also keeps her creative juices flowing.  "To begin a new piece using a new technique or new medium is so exciting and then to see it progress into a finished painting is so exhilarating.  I like the thrill of something new and fascinating."  says Doris.  Her creative mind and vivid imagination leads to unusual paintings, mats and sometimes frames.   Calligaraphy and collage are sometimes incorporated into her water media artwork making for unusual, interesting and colorful paintings.


Her love of Painting has lead her to teaching both children and adults and she hold several workshops each year.  She has been featured in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, the Colleyville News and the Paris Texas News.

Her work has won numerous awards, including several Best of Show awards and her paintings hang in many homes and corporations.  She has had several one woman shows.  Doris also donates artwork to various charities through out the year.

Doris is a signature member of the Society of Watercolor Artist, and is a former president and Show Chairperson for the Mid-Cities Fine arts.  Doris is a member of Trinity Arts Guild.  

Pam Oldham

I lived most of my early life  in the panhandle of Texas where the green fields go on forever and the skies are even bigger.  Summers were spent camping with family in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.  Although I find beauty in a seascape I find the comfort of home in mountain views, big skys and sweeping plains.  I have no doubt my love of nature stems from my childhood experiences.


I went to West Texas A&M as a Graphics Art student thinking I could never make enough money as a studio artist.  Although I was doing well in my classes I found producing art to meet the needs of others stole the joy of making art.  I couldn't define it at that time I just knew I lost something in the process.  I walked away from my art training in the middle of my Junior year. I finished out my degree in Business Administration.


Business did not fit well either.  I quickly moved on to my other love, medicine.  I become a Paramedic and have spent most of my adult life as a paramedic.  Ironically this brought me back to art.  I was hanging out one day waiting on the pager to go off calling me in to work. I was new to Fort Worth so  I headed to the botanic gardens.  Immediately I was immersed in the beauty of nature and the quiet  that is achieved somehow in the middle of a bustling city.  I wanted to paint what I saw and experienced that day.  I ran to the store bought a cheep set of prang. watercolors and tablet of paper and sat painting the Japanese gardens all day.  I still own those paintings and would never sell them.  With those paintings I found what I lost.  The ability to just paint what makes me happy.  I still love to immerse myself in a painting. An afternoon of painting a beautiful flower or a mountain path is my idea of a perfect afternoon.


My painting has been my source of strength,  calm  and inspiration for the past 20 years.  My "real job" may pay the rent but the art feeds my soul.

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