Meetings and Demos

2020-2021 Meeting and Demonstration - 1st Monday of the Month

Look below pictures for detailed information for upcoming demos. 

7:00 to 8:15 pm  Zoom Demos until further notice

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zhang_stephen portrait cropped-M
Dec. demo-portrait
Julie Wende
John Bramblitt
cect turner evening-performance
Rae demo photo

Sept. 14     Watercolor

                    Michael Holter

Oct. 5         Oil

                    Cecy Turner

Nov. 2        Acrylics

                    John Bramblitt

Dec.  7       Illustration 

                    Julie Wende

Jan. 4         Watercolor

                   Stephen Zhang

Feb. 1        Navigating the Internet as an Artist

                   Sergio Santos

Mar 1        Watercolor

                   Rae Andrews


April 5       No Demo - Board Meeting

April 19     Watercolor (with SWA)

                    Andy Evansen

May 3         Mixed Media

                     Pam Oldham

TAG in the Morning Meeting and  Demonstration Schedule 2020-2021

2nd Wednesday of the month at 10 am

Meetings will be conducted on zoom and at TAG's

new location in Bedford.

2816 Central Dr., # 170, Bedford, TX

Please contact Patty Jasper for further information.


Pam Oldham

May 3, 2021

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Zoom Meeting

Pam Oldham honestly doesn't remember when she didn't paint.  Her mom says she started about 18 months old when she painted her sofa.  


She lived most of her early life in the panhandle of Texas where the green fields go on forever and the skies are even bigger. She has no doubt her love of nature stems from her childhood experiences.


She went to West Texas A&M as a Graphics Art student thinking she could never make enough money as a studio artist. She found producing art for the purpose of selling and promoting things stole the joy of making art. She walked away from her art training in the middle of her junior year and finished out a degree in Business Administration.


Business did not fit well.  She quickly moved on to her other love, medicine. She became a Paramedic and has spent most of her adult life as one. Ironically this brought her back to art.  She was hanging out one day waiting for her pager to go off. She was new to Fort Worth so she headed to the botanical gardens.  Immediately she was immersed in the beauty and quiet of nature.  She wanted to paint what she saw and experienced that day.  She ran to the store, bought a cheap set of Prang watercolors and a tablet of paper.  The pager never went off leaving her to sit painting the Japanese Garden all day.  She still owns those paintings and will never sell them. With those paintings she found what she lost.  An afternoon of painting a beautiful flower, an interesting face or a mountain path is her idea of a perfect afternoon.


Her painting has been her source of strength, calm and inspiration for the past 27 years.  Her "real job" may pay the rent but the art feeds her soul.


Andy Evansen

April 19, 2021


Meeting with Society of Watercolor Artists of Fort Worth (SWA)

Must Register!

RSVP by April 14th.

Andy Evansen's interest in art started in childhood, as he can’t recall a time when he wasn’t drawing. He began painting watercolors in the mid 1990s as a change of pace from his career as a medical illustrator. Choosing a ‘style’ was not difficult, as Andy was always inspired by the watercolor paintings of British artists Trevor Chamberlain, David Curtis, Ed Seago and Edward Wesson, among others.

He found himself attempting to capture the landscape with the same economy of brushstroke, taking advantage of the luminosity of watercolors done in just a few washes. In addition, he was impressed with the way those artists seemed to capture everyday scenes in such a way that revealed a hidden beauty, subjects that many would simply pass by.

His work gained recognition after winning an international watercolor

competition through American Artist magazine, appearing on their cover in 2005. He’s been featured in numerous other publications since, and has become a sought-after workshop instructor who paints and teaches internationally. He became a signature member of the prestigious Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) in 2012 and served as their President from 2015-2017. His paintings have won numerous awards, including the Bronze and High Winds Medals from the American Watercolor Society, and he was their demonstration artist for the 2018 Exhibition. His love of painting on location also led to him being a featured presenter at the 2014 and 2016 Plein Air Conventions and inclusion in the 2017 Qingdao International Masters Watercolor Plein Air Event.

Rae Andrews

March 1, 2021

7:00pm-Zoom Meeting

Internationally known artist Rae Andrews,  who now lives in Austin but hails from Australia, works in all types of art media including watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel.  Her demo next week will be of a beautiful watercolor landscape, and she will answer any and all questions following the demo.


Here is a bit about Rae from her website:  “I am highly influenced by color, movement and tonal drama in my art.  I got my art degrees in Sydney, Australia, where I also owned a 400-student art school on the northern beaches of Sydney.  I also owned two art galleries in Maui, where I lived for 12 years.  Art is my passion and has been since my early teens.  I work in all genres:  landscape, seascape, animal, floral and abstract.”

This is the watercolor that Rae Andrews will demonstrate for the zoom meeting on March 1st.

Rae Andrews.jpg