Meetings and Demos

2020-2021 Meeting and Demonstration 

1st Monday of the Month 

7:00 to 8:15 pm  Zoom Demos until further notice

Sept. 14      Watercolor

                    Michael Holter

Oct. 5         Oil

                    Cecy Turner

Nov. 2        Acrylics

                    John Bramblitt

Dec.  7       Illustration 

                   Julie Wende


TAG in the Morning Meeting and  Demonstration Schedule 2020-2021

2nd Wednesday of the month at 10 am

Please bring your painting for Painting of the Month. The first place winner will receive s $25.00 gift certificate from Asel Art Suppy and display for the month.


Julie Wende

December 7, 2020

7:00pm - 8:00pm Zoom Meeting

Julie Wende's passion began with doodling in the margin of my schoolwork.  She loved getting attention for the drawings she did, and that recognition still fuels her desire to create.  So many artists have come before her but she admires a simple narrative, in the example of Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer or Fairfield Porter.   She worked in animation and as an illustrator throughout the 90's, and will have two children's books (one published, one in the pipeline).

Here in Texas it is balmy, but we don't expect much in the way of fall weather until right before Christmas! That doesn't mean we aren't seeing all of the pear trees, the red oaks, the red sumac and the great yellow elms, in their strange turn toward dying, spread their arms and invite us to share great joy.


In the last year she has been embracing her status as a 'Sunday Painter,' (as opposed to the limiting term self-taught.) Partly because she loves the word! 'Sunday' says a day with loved ones while we have them, perhaps worship (still sanctioned and free, at least here) and hot food with good company. Part of the word 'Sunday' is 'sun,' and everyone who knows her knows she loves the sunlight falling on a subject. Expect to

see lots of art with this theme.


She has great respect and affection for everyone with whom she kept

company this year.

John Bramblitt 

November 2, 2020

6:30pm Zoom Meeting

John Bramblitt, an artist living in Denton Texas, has had his art sold in over one hundred and twenty countries. He has appeared internationally in print, TV and radio including the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, ABC, NBC, FOX, Discovery Channel and BBC Radio and TV to name a few outlets. He's been featured in The New York Times and Psychology Today as well as designed the artwork for numerous magazine covers and even the artwork for major film productions. He's the subject of the award winning documentary shorts "Line of Sight" and “Bramblitt.” His work has received much recognition including the ‘Most Inspirational Video of 2008" from YouTube and three Presidential Service Awards for his innovative art workshops. And John is blind.

Mr. Bramblitt is also the author of the award winning book, Shouting in the Dark. He currently works as a consultant for museums in developing programs that are designed to include everyone – no matter their ability or disability. Shouting in the Dark is the story of Bramblitt's life, his journey navigating through this new territory of blindness, and how he ultimately rekindles his joy, passion, and relationships through art.

Prior to his blindness, John studied at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, where he graduated with honors. When Bramblitt lost the last of his vision in 2001 due to complications with epilepsy and Lyme's disease, his hopes of becoming a creative writing teacher were shattered and he sunk into a deep depression. He felt disconnected from family and friends, alienated and alone. But then something amazing happened-- he discovered painting. He learned to distinguish between different colored paints by feeling their textures with his fingers. He taught himself how to paint using raised lines to help him find his way around the canvas, and through something called haptic visualization, which enables him to "see" his subjects through touch. He now paints amazingly lifelike portraits of people he's never seen--including his wife and son. 

While art was always a major part of John’s life it was not until he lost his sight in 2001 that he began to paint, and it was then that he says, “Art reshaped my life.” John’s paintings are intensely personal, and are mostly taken from real people and events in his life. John’s workshops are unique in the art world in that they not only span the gap between beginning and professional artists, but also include adaptive techniques for people with disabilities. According to John, “Everyone has an artist somewhere in them; sometimes they just need a little help letting it out.”

Cecy Turner

October 5, 2020

7 pm Zoom Meeting

Cecy Turner is an award-winning artist and a Texas native. She graduated from Vanderbilt University and did post-graduate study in art at University of North Texas and has studied under numerous accomplished artists in both oil and watercolor. Feature articles about her have appeared in Art of the West Magazine, Artists Magazine, Watercolor Artist Magazine (cover), The Best of Flower Painting, and she was chosen by Southwest Art Magazine as an "Artist to Watch." Cecy holds Signature Memberships in American Impressionist Society, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, National Watercolor Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Outdoor Painters Society, American Women Artists and Plein Air Artists Colorado. She is a Fellow of American Artists Professional League and Master Signature Member and Past President of Women Artists of the West. She has won awards in numerous juried competitions. Cecy prefers to paint plein air, and since she began spending half of every year in Colorado her plein air painting has increased to almost daily. She delights in discovering a place she can see something very special about and convey that feeling to others in her work, making it her own. The effects of light and atmosphere are her favorite things to capture in paint. She has enjoyed teaching classes and workshops in both oil and watercolor.

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